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Filipino Munchies is a Vermont based food truck company that offers delicious Filipino Cuisines.
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  • What is sisig? Traditionally with sisig, all the good parts from a pig's head — specifically the cheeks, snout, and ears — along with the liver and belly, are simmered in water and then chopped into small pieces and fried. The mixture is spiced with chile peppers and calamansi, a small green citrus fruit that resembles a lime, and finally mixed with egg, onion, and sometimes mayo.
  • What is Filipino Adobo? Adobo is really a kind of cooking method, originating in the Philippines. IT involves simmering meat and even seafood in a mixture of vinegar, soy sauce, and garlic. The result is a tangy, savory dish that changes slightly with whatever protein you decide to cook. Although the term tocino stems from Spanish, in the Philippines, the word is synonymous with sweet-cured meat, traditionally prepared with pork, and occasionally beef or chicken. Slices of meat are doused in different combination of spices and seasonings which typically include sugar, salt, rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, anise wine, and pineapple or orange juice.

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